5 seconds of Saffronization

The hearts of people in Tamil Nadu is woven seperately and interlocked together. They, become one, and flutter together with love and pride for the language and culture.

'Semmozhiyaana Tamizh mozhi' (Tamil - A classical language), is the MOTHER of all languages. An elegant, charming and magnificent form of language that brings pride to the heart is intricate and stunning like the Kanchipuram silks, to live through and live in.

The love for the language, the richness of this culture we people grew through and the magic it brings to our lives is unmatchable. That’s truly what takes for a Tamilian to stand strong for his/her ethnic background and his/her people, to voice out his/her language and never let the beauty of it ever die.

But, as we all know, India is on the verge of complete Sankritisation and Saffronization. It's polished 'blood' red and not just a faint appearance of orange. It's not Beautiful like the sunset or the sunrise, but scary like a burning pyre. There are fools from our very own state and country who sacrifice themselves willingly in the fire, but funnily, some guy from over seas banned this in OUR country over a century ago.

It was Sati (Sati Pratha) that was banned by Lord William in the 19th century. A practice where a recently widowed woman, 'either willingly or out of force' immolates herself. The woman who immolates herself is called Sati, 'a good and devoted wife' or else she is look upon with 'disgust by the society’.

Why it so similar? It’s just not the literal eventuality here. Right, Hindutva. It’s after all the idealogy that seeks to establish the predominance of Hindus and the Hindu way of life.

Everyone knows the names, or should I mention? It's been all speech and traveling the past three years. Atleast that's what I've seen along with newspaper companies. There hasn't been any effective action, has there been?

What happened on November 8th, 2016 is very debatable. Useless money gained, human lives and GDP lost. Well, I don't want to talk about this right now. But I cannot avoid this, can I?

Karnataka and Kerala temporarily put a stop to Saffronization. Tamil Nadu did in ways as well, as far as I know.

In Tamil Nadu, it’s hard for complete saffronizatoon because of the intra-state politics and my people having too much love for our selves.

This state that I live in, we could do more. You think there's a chance of our faces getting painted orange when our chief minister and deputy chief minister are acting like typical popular girls at high school.

This land, this country, this state has so many problems. Lets fight for women’s rights a month later. Can we please start looking for human rights from at least under the bed? Will we find it there?

Everyone has different believes and I respect that. There is no equality, so equity is forced. Maybe equity is the right thing? It wouldn't be if someone or I could go back in time and change the racism and stupidity of the past. That's not possible. Same goes to taking the hatred people have for each others' castes and traditions.

I know that is part of something which defines an individual in a country of ethno-linguistic backgrounds.

There is no chance I can change someone’s belief or make someone see the right thing, when my family loves the government that I strongly don’t believe in. I’m just 16 by the way. My autobiography should be called 'pathinaaru vayathinile’ (In the age of years) maybe. There’s not much I can do at the moment (only because I’m sick).

Saffronization is like a virus. I believe it has to be prevented and somehow cured. We have 5 seconds before it corrupts our hearts, that’s how strong it’s spreading these days. Believe in what you believe, only if it makes sense. I hope all of us have enough bottles filled with common sense.

Someone who wants to make a difference with words.